Approval Profiles

On the 15th September 2009 the tScheme Board ratified the first set of Profiles designed for IdP Services that are based on non-PKI credentials, which would include PIN/password, Chip & PIN smartcards, etc. As a result the information on the Profiles is split into two sets - those for PKI-related Services and those for IdP-related Services.

These Profiles and Guidelines have been developed as part of the ongoing tScheme profiles programme. They cover the criteria against which Electronic Trust Service Providers are assessed when applying for a tScheme Grant of Approval.

Revisions of all published Approval Profiles and Guidelines will be undertaken as necessary and revised versions of documents will replace earlier published versions after further ratification by the tScheme Board.

Once you have registered [NB. This is free of charge], access to the Profiles is available here.

PKI-related Profiles

IdP-related Profiles