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Approval Profiles

Issue 3 Profiles The Issue 3 Profiles are now available. The previous Issues are now out of date. Please click here for digests & registration (Issue 2s are no longer avaliable)

Company Documents

tSd0070 tScheme Articles of Association as adopted 7th of June 2005
tSd0071 tScheme Rules as adopted 7th of June 2005
tSd0072 tScheme Memorandum of Association as adopted 7th of June 2005

Supporting Documents

tScheme Approval process: advice and guidance documents
tSd0244 Required Assessment Procedures - procedures that are required to be followed by all parties participating within tScheme Assessments (Issue 1.01)
tSi0101 Preparing for an Assessment (Issue 3.00)
tSd0230 Model Specification of Service Subject to Assessment (S3A) (Issue 4.03)
tSd0320 Model Specification of Service Component Subject to Assessment (C3A) (Issue 1.01)
tSi0250 Guidance for Assessments (Issue 2.03)
tSi0271 Current Interpretation Responses (Issue 1.00)
Model Assessment Reports
tSd0238 Model Assessment Report - Service (Issue 2.01)
tSd0239 Model Assessment Report - Component (Issue 1.00)
Model agreements, application forms and tScheme Glossary
tSi0075 Application for Membership of tScheme (Issue 2.04)

Letter requesting Registered Applicant Status (Issue 2.05)


Glossary of Terms (Issue 2.03)


Model Assessors Agreement (Issue 3.03)

tSd0253 Model contract for Registered Applicants (Issue 3.05)
tSd0254 Model contract for Trust Service Approval & use of tScheme Mark (Issue 4.08)
Assessor Qualifications
tScheme has agreements with Accreditation Bodies to determine, as part of their accreditation process, whether Certification Bodies (Assessors) have the necessary skills and qualifications to be able to carry out assessments of TSPs against the Approval Profiles.

Details of how each accreditation body determines these qualities is specific to each body and further information is available under the relevant entry in the Directory of Recognised Accreditation Bodies. (See here)

tScheme papers and presentations

tSi0261 tScheme response to the Government's consultation paper on Entitlement Cards and Identity Fraud (Website for the Entitlement Card Unit:
ts155 tScheme response to FSA discussion paper on e commerce (FSA website:
ts150 tScheme response to DTI consultation on E-signatures Directive (DTI website:
tSp0259 Standard presentation on tScheme (Q1 2004).
tSi0156 Report from a joint tScheme, DTI and office of the e-Envoy sponsored decision analysis workshop.
tSi0256 Full Guide to Securing Electronic Transactions.

External Standards and Guidelines

tScheme originally worked with the Government in producing two documents that were to be used in the registration process for the Government‘s Gateway project.

These were "Guidelines for the Verification of Identity of Organisations" and "Guidelines for the Verification of Identity of Individuals".

Following consultation during 2002, the Government have now produced their requirements, based on these documents, and these are now ‘In Force’ and have been published on their website as:
HMG‘s Minimum Requirements for the Verification of the Identity of Individuals v2.0
HMG‘s Minimum Requirements for the Verification of the Identity of Organisations v2.0

These are detailed technical documents supporting the Registration & Authentication Framework, and describe the minimum evidence that needs to be presented by an organisation or an individual in order to be issued with a digital credential (password or digital certificate) for use with e-government services.

These documents are recognised by tScheme and any TSP undergoing an Assessment leading to Approval against the Registration Profile (tSd0042) or the Identity Services Profile (tSd0108) can ask their Assessor to assess them against either or both of these requirements documents as part of their tScheme Assessment.

These documents are two of a number of publications maintained on the website of the Central Sponsor for Information Assurance (CSIA) - although they are currently only available as ‘Archived Content’, please see:


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